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Kenrick Cleveland

Jay Abraham once referred to Kenrick Cleveland as “The World’s Greatest Persuader.”

In fact, here is what he has to say about Kenrick’s work…

“Kenrick E. Cleveland embodies the most powerful, effective, and masterful techniques of persuasion and influence that have ever been taught.”

Jay Abraham isn’t the only world-renowned figure to speak highly of Kenrick. 

Here is what some of the greatest minds in online business have to say about him…

“Anyone whose living depends in any way on persuading others – and that includes almost all of us – should learn and master what Kenrick has to teach about the art and science of persuasion.”

Gary Bencivenga  – The World’s Greatest Living Copywriter.

“Kenrick tops my shortlist of people I’ll reach out to when I need advice on Persuading others to take a desired action. His arsenal of skills and strategies has increased my bank account by millions of dollars. If you have the chance to work with Kenrick, jump on it.”

Rich Schefren – Top Business Consultant & Owner of StrategicProfits.com

In case it still isn’t clear enough,  here is a fact for you that should paint the picture…

Kenrick was retained to create and deliver the training for a savings and loan company that was converting to a bank. 

At the time, this was one of the biggest trainings ever done under the auspices of NLP and the guidance of Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  

As a result of that training,  Kenrick was credited with generating an extra BILLION dollars in revenue for the company in their first year of the conversion.

That’s Billion with a capital “B”.

When the training for the savings and loan bank was finished, Richard asked Kenrick to create the Business Practitioner and Business Master Practitioner trainings of  NLP. And he was the only one authorized to train and certify those, at that time. 

And all this was in his mid-20s.

Over the next few decades, Kenrick pioneered the field of Business and Sales Persuasion.

He is a master salesman… having broken record after record wherever he went.

But Master Salesman is just one of the many hats he wears.

Kenrick also trained in Hypnosis with Milton Erickson’s daughter, Carol Erickson, among many others.

His cross-disciplinary expertise and uncompromising curiosity are what leads him to continually pioneer the field of Sales Persuasion… to bring his knowledge and wisdom to you and your business..

To this day, Kenrick continues to reinvent and refine the most powerful Sales and Business Persuasion strategies in the world.

It’s no wonder that Kenrick Cleveland is known to his thousands of students worldwide as The World’s Greatest Persuader. 

Of these thousands of students, Kenrick has taken business coaches, sales pros, and entrepreneurs to the greatest heights of success. 

This is who he LOVES to work with.


Jackson Burnham

Jackson Burnham is responsible for bringing Kenrick Cleveland’s life work to the public in a way that is compelling and convenient for his students.

Now, The World’s Greatest Persuader’s wisdom is at your fingertips like never before…

Jackson also has tons of insight to provide from more than a decade of professional acting training, adding further dimension to Kenrick’s work. 

With the strategies and techniques in Jackson’s training, you can make your sales communication and presentation skills even more grounded, dynamic, electric, and charismatic.